About Us


Aspen Business Equipment, a local Grand Rapids area office technology provider, has been serving greater Grand Rapids with exceptional service and solutions for over 15 years.  We specialize in implementing “Tailored Document Solutions” for customers looking to partner with an engaged West Michigan provider.  Whether your organization needs Document Management software, new multi-function printers, desktop printers, scanners, paper shredders or printer cartridges, Aspen Business can help.  With hundreds of satisfied customers and decades of industry experience, Aspen Business understands the dynamics of business technology.  Your unique document needs & applications will be met with our consultative methodology of doing business.  Aspen Business uses a “Phase” method of engagement with our customers.  We don’t overwhelm you with confusing 100 page data reports that you don’t have the time to review line by line.  Aspen Business works with you to determine the “hot spots” of your document workflow & TCO (total cost of ownership) so we can craft a solution that will deliver the greatest impact for your organization.  Aspen Business’ Phase method of engagement guarantees our customers are not over paying.  For example, you may have 10 paper output devices (printers, multi-function printers, copiers or fax machines) in your company.  During our Discovery Phase, we may find one color printer that has a very expensive TCO.  Aspen Business will show you your true costs and why you should consider a lower TCO option.  You don’t have to sign a long term contract on all of your printers simply because one of them is costly to own.

Aspen Business will earn a place as one of your best partners after you experience how accessible we are to your inquiries.  Our ability to respond to service requests, supply orders and even “how to” questions will be a breath of fresh air to you and your team.  We even meet with you on a pre-scheduled basis for Aspen Business’ “On Target” reviews to ensure your solution is delivering as agreed.

Thank you for learning more about us!  We’ll look forward to helping your organization regardless of what Phase it’s in.