CARD connect

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Business Card Management with Document Imaging Technology!
Scan multiple business cards at one time.
Automatically capture all contact information from the business card.
No manual data entry required.
Review or modify captured data while at the MFP.
Export data results into the industry standard VCARD.
Import data into Microsoft Outlook or many other contact management systems.

We all have that stack of business cards containing valuable contact information sitting on top of our desks or in the drawer. In today’s busy work environment, taking the time to manually enter in the contact information never seems to make it to the top of the priority list. Days, weeks, and months go by and you need the information for a very urgent call and you can not find that business card anywhere. You spend countless hours searching the office and the internet and finally you find a general number but can’t remember the contact name.

Now image scanning multiple business cards at one time at your MFP and having all of the information captured without any data entry. You can even review the result while at the MFP. In one simple step you can import the automatically generated files into Outlook or many other contact management systems. Your data is now available without having to type in any of the information yourself. Its quick, it’s accurate, it can be a life-saver.