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    “InfoDynamics is leveraging the open, flexible development capabilities of the Sharp OSA technology to create innovative document management solutions for users of Sharp MFPs,” said Tom Davis, Vice President Marketing Applications Development, Sharp Document Solutions Company of America. “Giving users the ability to access Intact Document Solution Software directly from the MFP can streamline productivity and increase efficiency in the workplace.”

    Sharp Electronics Corporation
    One Sharp Plaza
    Mahwah, New Jersey 07430

    Teri Shockey, Senior Vice President, of BankDirect Capital Finance says, “By scanning our loan files, we do not need to purchase additional file cabinets, which are costly and take up valuable office space.”  “By scanning our daily check payments and disbursements, we can easily store, retrieve and email that information to our clients.  Every person we have dealt with is knowledgeable and very willing to help us solve our document storage issue,” says Shockey

    BankDirect Capital Finance
    Two Conway Park
    150 North Field Drive, Suite 190
    Lake Forest, Illinois 60045

    Jim White, Director of Technology at Clark Pleasant School Corporation says, “we made the decision to purchase InfoDynamics Intact Document Solution Software with the intention of migrating all of our past graduates’ permanent records to electronic format.  We choose Intact due to its scalability, ease of use, and ability to be customized to our current and future needs.” .  “At our request, InfoDynamics was kind enough to provide onsite training for our secretaries and staff.  As a result, we scanned and indexed over 60 years of records without incident.  I feel that their hands-on approach after the sale of the product has contributed greatly to the success of this project.  It is without hesitation that I recommend InfoDynamics to any interested customer.  Not only do they have a fantastic, easy to use document imaging system, but also their service is world class.  It has been a pleasure working with them over the course of this project,” says White.

    Clark Pleasant School Corporation
    50 Center Street
    Whiteland, IN  46184

    Tomi Nelson, Senior Financial Analyst for Iowa Realty  “Intact allows our users – some 50 on a regular daily basis – to see documents from our sales offices within an hour of scanning,” she explains.  “Previously, they had to wait for a courier to deliver the documents to their locations for processing.  With Intact, our processors can begin working on the files much sooner.”  “The people at InfoDynamics are good to work with,” says Nelson.  “Especially when it comes to answering questions and following up.”

    Iowa Realty
    Tomi Nelson
    3501 Westown Pky
    West Des Moines, IA  50266

    Northview Biosciences Inc., Information Systems Project Coordinator, Tracy Davis states, “We researched many different ways to reduce paper storage costs and make documents easily accessible to our staff and our clients.  After carefully reviewing a broad spectrum of products we chose Intact.”  “Intact offered a fast and easy-to-implement way to address a variety of needs.  Faxes have been replaced with pfd email attachments, rummaging through file cabinets has been replaced with using the computer to find documents instantly and paper files are no longer misplaced by people who read them,” says Davis. .  Davis also pronounces, “Most of our staff was very nervous about replacing their beloved paper with electronic files.  However, after using Intact for a while they are so impressed with the time it saves that many wonder how we ever got along without it.”

    Northview Biosciences
    1880 Holste Road
    Northbrook, IL  60062