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The Fastest Way to Scan and Get Your Information Back!
Select and scan documents directly from your MFP.
Unlimited number of Department Document Categories such as Accounting, HR and Finance.
Create an unlimited number of document definitions such as invoices, resumes and financial statements.
Customizable indexes and filing rules.
Link to ODBC databases to reduce redundant data entry.
Search and view documents with powerful inpoint features or simply browse in a Windows File Directory.
PDF and XML outputs provide an easy and instant upgrade path for Intact SMART Document Solution Software or other document management systems.
Select Image Clean-up features such as Despeckle, Deskew, Skip Blank Page, Hole Punch or Border Removal and Image Rotation for each document definition.
Create Searchable PDFs.

We’ve all been there, standing in front of the copier, fiddling with the menus, trying to figure out how to file your scanned documents while others impatiently look over your shoulder…

Imagine scanning documents at your MFP and having them automatically named, filed and indexed without giving up valuable time in your day. inpoint is a remarkably affordable utility that turns your copier corner into a streamlined document center.